​Breath of Glory​​

Breath of Glory

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The day finally ended; my body was done
I lay down my head trying to sleep before morning comes. I’ve forgotten to pray and bless my loved ones. 
 But I drift off to sleep. All willpower is undone.

When I suddenly find myself in a floating like state. 
 All burdens are lifted and I see a pearly gate. 
 Where the colors seem alive; almost moving and singing. the chartreuse of the grass is alive; almost ringing

I’ve never felt such overpowering love.
That vibrates through the air  
Every cell filled with love from above
A connection with everyone there.

I was greeted by a person I seemed to know so well. 
 They were neither male or female as far as I could tell. This person of light guided me thru the streets where I saw people happy, fulfilled, and complete

I instantly knew everyone, and they knew me too. 
 The freedom from burdens was amazing and true. 
 No longer did I care about what others think. 
 I was no longer judgmental. Free of pain. Free of chains.

We walked by beautiful homes like none I’ve ever seen. They were shared by everyone. No one owned or laid claim.

I walked by a sidewalk café with round
Tables and the like. People sitting and chatting; 
really enjoying their life.

Then my guide stopped me there and advised me to think. To remember this moment and the pure feeling of this link.  

For soon I would loose a loved one. 
 Someone dear to my heart, and God didn’t want me to worry. He was doing is part. 
 He wanted me to remember that they would exist here, 
in the purist form of happiness surround by cheer.

I begged to stay in the purity of the vibrating light. 
 I didn’t care about my old life. I was tired of the fight.  

But my guild smiled brightly and said sorry my dear.
  You must return now, for the end is near.

Your job is not done yet, you must go back to the war. Bless as many people as you can. We will see you once more.

Then suddenly I awoke with overwhelming joy in my heart. I knew heaven was real, beautiful, and I was set apart.

Then the phone rang loudly disturbing the night. My grandma had passed somewhere into the light. I’m almost ashamed to say, I wasn’t sad for her at all. For I knew she was in glory, enjoying it all!

The Story Behind the Poem

The events described in this poem happened in a dream that I had.  The next morning I woke by the phone ringing and my mother telling me my grandmother had passed quietly in the night.  I remember that I did not grieve for my grandmother, because what I experienced in this dream was so vivid!  How could I be sad when I knew she was existing in pure happiness in glory.

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