Love Letters

Notes of Affection Mailed to Dawn Marie

"I hope the words I share bless your life, and help you understand how precious life is, and just exactly
how special you are." - Dawn Marie
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"I've always loved passing notes in school.  There was nothing more special than recieivng a secret note from a close personal friend.  In my mind there is nothing more beautiful than receiving a note from a personal friend.  I would always quickly and quietly unfold the creased edges so I could read the message before getting caught by the teacher.  But those grade school memories pale in comparison to the sacred emotions my heart feels when I receive a note from someone who has enjoyed my work, or been blessed by my words.  That's why I call them love letters, because to me that's what they are.  I keep these letters on a wall in my office, and anytime I feel discouraged I read them, just to remind myself that words are powerful.  It gives me hope and encouragement because I truly believe perhaps I can make the world a better place by changing the world, one word at a time.    -Dawn Marie

​Dawn Marie

Author, Poet, Lover of Life

Dear Dawn, you don't know me but I wanted you to know how your poem has touched me for years and I never knew who the author was, it was given to me years ago as an anonymous poem. I have copied and passed it on to other people in their time of sorrow not knowing where or who the wonderful person that wrote such a poem lived. I live in Las Vegas, a city that is really in pain these days, as I'm sure you are aware. I showed your poem to a friend, who was quite moved by it also and he googled the title and I found you. 
I was in the process of having a printer make 58 copies for me to take to the memorial site on the Las Vegas strip, where another wonderful person, from Illinois, sent 58 crosses. One for each of the victims uselessly killed in the mass shooting here. I would like very much to put a laminated copy of your poem at each ✝ in hopes that it will move and bring peace to everyone who stops to Pray for the lost.
I planned to do it before I was aware of the author but now that I do know, I can't in good conscious do it without contacting you. I have copied it with your name as the author and included your website as well, because I feel people should know how and why you wrote it. I truly feel your pain of loss. 
Please write me if you wouldn't mind me doing this in your name. 
Until then, I remain respectfully yours, 
        Pamela Asaro
      Las Vegas, NV

Dear Pamela,

My heart is so touched by your note.  Thank you so much for your kind words.  I can not tell you how much I appreciate you contacting me.  Yes, I would be truly honored for my words to be on the crosses.  The shooting in Vegas touched home to me because my oldest son lives in Vegas.  I can't tell you how relieved I was when he called me to tell me he was safe.  Yet I am broken hearted for those parents and loved ones who did not get to receive that call.  If you would like I would be happy to share with you his phone number, and he would be deeply honored to meet you and help you place the poems on the crosses. 

It is my desire that this be the last mass shooting we have to endure in the U.S.  I am currently writing a book based off the poem that I hope will help people see that our true treasure in our country is our citizens.  Often we as humans can not comprehend the importance of each person until they are gone.  Life is precious!  People are our treasure!  And I'm praying that people will begin soon to realize that every breath is a gift.  And every morning is another chance to say, 'Thank you for today, Lord." 

I would also like to personally thank you for creating this idea, and taking a step forward to honor the victims and their families.  Our world needs more people like you that not only feel the pain of such a loss, but also are willing to step up and do whatever they can to help.  You are amazing!  And I want to thank you for including my work in such a honorable endeavor. 

Also, if you would like to send me your address I would be happy to send you a signed copy of the poem.  And again, thank you for blessing me with this highest honor.

Blessings,    Dawn Marie Huddleston

Dear Dawn Marie,
Found your poem "If I knew" posted anonymously in the crew quarters at our hospital and looked it up on the internet to find your website. Just wanted you to know, as someone who lost their wife six years ago, that I found it to be true and moving. Thank you for writing it. - Hank 

Hank C.

"If I Knew will impact our owners"
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Bob R,

Good day

My name is Veronica B, I am 47 years old, living in South Africa, Limpopo. I have recently,...... today 5 months ago, lost my only child (19 years) to a brain tumor we did not know existed. It was a total shock. She was a beautiful, healthy, active young girl, with alot of love to share. She just slipped into a coma and was declared braindead after 5 days.

When I read your poem "If I knew" in a book written by Helen Du Plessis " I am holding you" - your poem touched me deeply. I wish I could let the whole world know how precious life is. I know people do not realize this untill they lose someone very close to them. 

I wish I could hold my daughter one more time and tell her that I love her. I wish I could smell her and hear her teasing voice. Always so full of joy and life.

Your poem really moved me and I would like your permission to post it on my facebook page for all the world to see, how precious ones loved ones are and not to take them for granted. I kindly await your reply.     Blessings

Victoria B,

"If I Knew will impact our owners"
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Hello Dawn We are preparing for my 87 year old mother's funeral (in Auckland, New Zealand) and among the notes she left us is a copy of your beautful poem, 'If I knew'. She asked that we include it in the service. I can understand why: she embraced the philosophy you describe. From an Internet seach I discovered your website and I'm writing to ask your permission to use it.     
A few weeks before she died Mum Dad and I had a difficult conversation about how she would manage if Dad became ill or died first. Afterwards, she phoned me to ensure we were on good terms. It was our last conversation before she died. 
Just as your poem advocates.
                                        Many thanks Chris B.
Dear Dawn Marie,

I would like to read your wonderful poem, “If I Knew”, in a sermon that I will give next week.  I have been deeply touched and moved by your words.  May I have your permission to read your poem?  I had planned to give you credit in the sermon as the author of this touching poem.  I will have to read it out loud several times in advance to ensure that I can do so without shedding my own tears as I speak. 

  Thank you for your consideration,

    Britton M. T.