Tire Swing Memories​​

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Tire Swing Memories 


The concept may seem stark and dim
But there was a time when this story begins
A time filled with smiles & laughter of light
When darkness only came under cover of midnight

A time when bricks were laid with children in mind
Chalkboards hung, with the purpose of advancing the mind
Wooden desks, made of fresh timber laiden
A tire swing hung; swinging dress of a maiden

Children tucked in bed; who can’t sleep a wink
Waiting for tomorrow, no sleep; only think
Walking dusty country roads; with chalkboard in hand
And shiny black boots; the excitement is so grand.

Now lying in ruins, covered by weeds and dust.
The old school house lays; forgotten. Devoured by rust.
Ceilings are falling; no coats on the rack
No hope of children’s laughter ever coming back

Many of those young ones; now in the grave lay
They lived a full life; their day has passed away
But memories that happened in that old school house
First kisses, young loves, even bullies & pouts.

But somewhere in heaven; I’m sure there exists
Another tree of life; for it surely must fit
As those former children walk by taking a glance
They smile at the tire swing; as memories advance.

Remembering days of childhood 
and laughter now gone by.  
The old schoolhouse still exists
Still brand new; in a phantoms corner eye.

As I walk on the creaking boards; admiring the past
I catch faint sounds of giggles and phantoms of the past.
I look out old windows; where no glass remains.
the tire swing is swinging; The spirit of childhood has laid claim.

Sometimes I wonder, if progress is really all that.
I worry that some special treasure was left in the past.
When times were simpler; and people were real.
When character mattered; And the heart could still feel

Remember when your childhood heart was pure and gentle.
Let’s return to those times; the impact could be monumental.
The world could return to a simpler time and space.  
When people truly mattered; and ‘real life’ simply took place.

The Story Behind the Poem

One day my mother in law and I went out for a afternoon drive.  When we came upon tis old vintage school house that just seemed to be frozen in time.  

We couldn't resist the mystery so we whipped the car around and walked through a field of weeds to get to the old abandoned school house.  I took pictures which I have posted below.  If these walls could talk, ohhhhhh the stories they could tell.  Enjoy!  This is the Beauty of the Midwest!!